Twitter delves deeper into the journalism world

As a frequent tweeter, I do get around to reading the Twitter pages of people high up in both the news industry and the government. Twitter, in my opinion, has become a viral podium for people like Sarah Palin, Anderson Cooper and Katie Couric to announce their thoughts and publish their stories. Essentially, Twitter has developed into a new news medium. Local NBC stations in Washington DC and New York have picked up on this.

“The 20” as the network calls it, is still in its experimental stage. The news stations will pick twenty people they consider prominent in the local community, to maintain their own Tumblr (another type of blog) and Twitter page, updating them with local news and events.

This has the potential to become a new type of beat reporting, while also providing news instantly. My question would be, what makes this different from Anderson Cooper or Christiane Amanpour tweeting their stories? Is it really that innovative of an idea? The execution of this “experiment” will ultimately tell.

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One Response to Twitter delves deeper into the journalism world

  1. Lew says:

    Good post. Twitter has certainly transformed the journalism world.

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