Google: The Vigilante of the Net

Content farms are essentially websites that post large amounts of copied and pasted information for the sole purpose of gaining traffic ( Inconvenient to most search engine users, Google has decided to take a stand. The world’s number one search engine is adjusting their search algorithm to weed out these content farms to benefit the user.

According to Google’s official blog, this new algorithm will affect around 10 percent of all searches, and that most users will not even notice the change. The blog says that this new ranking system will allow users to find higher quality sites, and that, “it’s a big step in the right direction.” Quality sites according to Google have in-depth reports, charts, analysis, etc.

The announcement, which came on February 24, was only ten days after Google revealed another tool to their users: its Personal Blocklist Chrome extension. This device allows Google users to block websites they find useless.

Google’s blog claims to be excited for both of these new ideas. Well Google, me too. I tip my hat to you for putting your users first. Once again, thanks for being awesome!

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