Al Jazeera in the US- finally

Besides online, Americans could not access the middle eastern news network Al Jazeera. Perhaps no television networks had picked it up due to unfair biased. As discussed in my JRN 310 class, a lot of people automatically assume Al Jazeera is affiliated with Al Qaeda, which is untrue. Thus American networks would be considered unpatriotic for broadcasting the middle eastern network.

Have the tides changed? Hopefully they have. With revolutions in Egypt, Libya, Iran and Yemen, Americans want more news coverage of the area, thus the demand for Al Jazeera is growing. According to the Philadelphia Business Journal, Comcast has received over 13,000 emails requesting that they air Al Jazeera. Executives from the news station were scheduled to meet with Comcast early this week to hash out different possibilities for an Al Jazeera English. Currently, Al Jazeera English is available in Washington D.C., Toldeo, OH, and Burlington, VT.

If Comcast decides to pick up the news station, this might mean some previous bias will start to drop. Perhaps well-rounded news can take a front seat instead of holding on to unreasonable prejudices.

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