Charlie Sheen’s #Winning Advertising Deals . . . #TIGERBLOOD

Charlie Sheen has become an unescapable force in today’s media. His interviews on the Today Show and ABC have put Sheen in the spotlight, as well as entering his colorful phrases into pop culture: “the gibberish of fools,” “Can’t is the cancer of happen,”etc.

Sheen further captivated the public’s attention when he launched his Twitter on March 1st, gaining over a million followers in his first 24 hours. Advertisers took note.– an intermediary company between Twitter and advertisers- began recruiting celebrity advertisers on Twitter sometime last year. Advertisers contact, who in turn contacts popular celebrities and gets them to promote a certain brand on their Twitter account. These celebrities are then compensated with a nice sum of money from the advertisers.

So who are advertisers seeking now? Take a wild guess.

According to the VP at, “Charlie’s the biggest billboard in America right now.” Advertisers know they will reach millions through Sheen’s Twitter. Perhaps this can be his new source of revenue after the suspension of “Two and a Half Men.”

This new money making scheme certainly seems to add a new dimension to advertising. Celebrities endorse products in TV commercials. It seems their “personal” internet lives are the new frontier for marketing products. With Sheen drawing attention to this type of endorsement, it just might have the potential to become the advertising of the future- in my opinion.

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