Tumblr Teams Up with The Times

Tumblr, a blogging site mainly known for preteens and hipsters reposting pictures, has become a popular site, rivaling other blogging outlets such as Blogger, and yes, WordPress.

Does Tumblr now have one up on other blogging sites? Well, possibly. Recently, the New York Times’ Style Magazine went live on the site, posting fashion pictures and small blurbs for Tumblr users to look at and reblog.

“It’s a great way of bringing to the surface a lot of these great visuals that for any reason may have been overlooked,” Horacio Silva, the online director for Style Magazine, said. “We take a very curatorial approach to the editorial decisions we make. I think that aspect lends itself perfectly to Tumblr.”

Like Silva alluded to, it does make sense to choose Tumblr as a social media platform rather than Blogger or WordPress. Like I previously mentioned, Tumblr is essentially a visual type of blog. It’s main purpose has evolved into posting and reposting pictures. Thus, a visual topic such as fashion, would flourish on a site like Tumblr.

On a side note, I think this was a brilliant strategy thought out by the personal at the New York Times. Tumblr mainly has a younger demographic. This is the perfect way to get this demographic, a demographic that generally does not gravitate towards newspapers, to look into the New York Times. This strategy is interactive and visually stimulating, thus I give my kudos to the Times.

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