Craigslist Under Fire Once Again

Craigslist, the online ad site, was initially intended to list job openings, to sell thinks like couches and cars, and list personal ads. Unfortunately, these personal ads turned vulgar. Numerous stories have previously revealed prostitution taking place on the site with some people offering “muff cuts” as a coy way of selling sexual favors.

The users of Craigslist have pushed the boundaries even further now by selling sex with animals. A man was selling sex with his dogs via Craigslist. Police officers showed up to the man’s hotel room, and he was then arrested.

An article by NBC, claims that Craigslist is no stranger to bestiality, and that users that sell sex with animals have even developed their own cyber language. This is just another case that has some state legislatures working hard again to censor the site further. The adult services section has already been removed, but it seems users will continue to find a way certain restrictions.

The World Wide Web has become the new medium for news. It’s become the new medium for sales, and thanks to Craigslist it seems to have become the new medium for prostitution.

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