Glenn Beck’s Own Network

If I could compose a list of five media figures that I feel should not have their own network, Glenn Beck would definitely be on it.

Maybe it’s the chalkboard or the on-air mood swings, but the man clearly irks me. It’s probably those same factors that make him so popular with right-wing viewers.

That popularity could be parlayed into having his own network.

Beck’s contract with Fox runs out at the end of this year, and he is allegedly considering the possibility of his own network. He already has been gathering a staff for an independent media company which is currently producing web content.

The question also remains as to what type of network this would be. Would Beck run this network under the title of news? Hopefully not. My guess is that it will be an even more extreme version of Fox News, aggregating information for the conservative crowd.

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One Response to Glenn Beck’s Own Network

  1. Lew says:

    Entertaining post. I love the lede!

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