Youtube Teams Up With Google

Following Hulu’s lead, Youtube may potentially start airing original content.

Now, Youtube has plenty of users around the world uploading what is random, yet “original content.” However, this content will be more manufactured.  Youtube would possibly produce professionally made online series in alliance with Google.

Currently, Google is visiting numerous talent agencies in the Hollywood area. There intent is “to create a network of channels based around specific themes or niches such as fashion, food and video games.”

While Youtube is highly profitable, earning $825 million in 2010, they are still sorting out ways truly monetize the website.

In a larger sense, this understandably will lead to more legal, online streaming . Google is essentially competing with Netflix at the moment. Netflix plans to make some television episodes available for streaming before they air on TV. Thus, Google is inclined to create a more innovative way of reaching consumers.

On another note, what does this mean for the television? Consumers, including myself, tend to gradually be moving away from the TV’s and towards their laptops. While I don’t see the television industry crumbling anytime soon, it would definitely be interesting to see if online streaming helps or hurts network ratings.

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One Response to Youtube Teams Up With Google

  1. Lew says:

    Interesting post. The information on this post is news to me. I look forward to seeing these professionally made videos.

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