Facebook Enters the World of Reality

The documentary “Catfish” follows a man as he meets a woman via Facebook. Of course, when he meets her in person, she turns out to be a fraud. She essentially lied about everything she told the protagonist. This situation is not unlikely for the internet, yet somehow this movie gained popularity and maintained somewhat of a shock value.

In my opinion, this documentary was not very groundbreaking. Lying over the internet is very common. Most people tend to exaggerate their lives to some degree on Twitter and Facebook. Extreme falsifications of identity, like the one portrayed in “Catfish,” are more likely to take place in chat rooms. “To Catch a Predator,” anyone?

So even though the whole false identity thing has been done repeatedly before, MTV has decided to entertain the idea of a reality show based on the premise of “Catfish.” Though not many details have been released, the concept of internet personas amongst today’s youth seems to be a popular topic. “Catfish” gained enough buzz and was successful. Whether or not this attention will translate to the small screen remains to seen. I feel that the show will be a hit though. Facebook is a force to be reckoned with for the 18-24 year old demographic. Given that it is such a popular stable for the lives of young people, I have a feeling young people will tune it, more than likely being able to relate to the situations occurring on the show. This has the potential to become MTV’s next “Jersey Shore” in my opinion.

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