Lady Gaga Guest-Editing for Metro

Stephen Colbert has a segment on his show called “Tip of the Hat/Wag of the Finger.” I would like to extend this concept to my blog, just this once, although I’m not tipping my hat to anyone. I am however, going to wag my finger at the Metro newspaper, for allowing Lady Gaga to guest-edit the week before her “Born this Way” album is released. According to Metro’s website, Gaga, “will highlight issues surrounding equality and individuality, select stories and provide her comments on the breaking news of the day.”

Um . . . . .

I understand that perhaps the Metro would like access to a young, hipper generation. I also understand that Lady Gaga will be under advisors who have worked at the magazine for a long time, but really? Perhaps I’m angry because I know Lady Gaga is a gimmick created by her handlers. Born this way? No. You were manufactured this way. To me, giving Lady Gaga this much authority is almost a slap in the face. Though her business advisors created a facade of acceptance and originality, I had hoped that the news media would be able to see past this “facade” somewhat. Why hasn’t the Metro allowed someone more genuine and deserving, like Anderson Cooper or Christiane Amanpour or Bob Dylan, to guest-edit? Why not allow someone with a substantial world-view have editorial discretion, instead of a pop-icon that acts ridiculous for attention, then tries to pretend she cares about social issues to make her work seem deeper than it is?

This is a blatant marketing strategy for eyeballs on the Metro’s part. When Ke$ha releases a new album, will they allow her to be guest-editor? Will she highlight issues surrounding not bathing and drinking Jack? Has the Metro become a paper that works like a late-night TV show, allowing guests to visit when they have something to promote? This is a disgusting day for journalism, and I am pretty offended as a news consumer.

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