Couric and Lauer Together Again?

As most news watchers know by now, Katie Couric is planning to leave CBS Evening News in June when her contract expires. Now, rumors are circulating that she and her past co-anchor of the Today show, Matt Lauer, may be teaming up for another day-time show. The likelihood of this happening is still up the air. One thing that is undeniable, is that these two had a clear chemistry that really brought in the viewers and made the Today show a hit.

One thing complicating the matter is that fact that Lauer’s contract with NBC does not expire until the end of 2012, so a show featuring both of the anchors is very unlikely. However, sources say, that if Couric were to get picked up by NBC, the possiblilty of these two reuniting would be back on the table.

Another factor is Meredith Vieria leaving the Today show this year. Chances are, producers of the show will not want to take the risk of losing their two main anchors within the span of a year.

Yet with Oprah leaving the daytime market, their is room for a potential new sensation. I grew up with the Today show. It was on in the background every morning as my mom criticized my outfits before school. Needless to day, the Lauer/Couric duo holds a special place in my heart. I think a lot of viewers feel the same way. A show featuring the two of them would easily lead to high rating and major success.

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