Google Killed the Newspaper Star

The consensus seems to be that newspapers are a dying form. Some argue that technology is the main culprit. Bob Woodward, the journalist famous for uncovering the Watergate scandal, has an even more specific murder suspect.

Woodward blames Eric Schmidt, former Google executive, for the death of the newspaper saying, “There’s going to be something we’re going to miss in journalism that will be very regrettable. I hope the young people who have developed Facebook and Google will say, ‘We need to fix the information system and we need to get information to people that’s well-researched and investigated.'”

This analysis, in my opinion, seems to be extreme and very narrow-minded. Yes, the news world has changed. Yes, technology is the central catalyst. I do not however think that Schmidt is solely responsible.

The main thing to remember, as discussed in my 301 class, is that though newspapers may be of dying form, the news is still alive and breathing. In fact, with the internet, there is a mass overload of information and news. I think what Woodward was trying to say, is that with all the information and social media, it is hard to distinguish what is news, what is rumor and what is satire.

I feel this statement from Woodward really dates him and makes him look like a dinosaur. It really is a shame. I think it would serve Woodward well, like other reporters from the print era, to understand that this is the new media. It is still young and evolving. It has, and has shown the potential, to be a brilliant source of information. Newspapers may be reaching their end, but that does not mean that the news is going along with it.

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