Youtube To Live Stream Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding is, in many people’s opinions, receiving an obscene amount of attention. CNN, FOX and numerous other networks will be airing the wedding live for viewers to watch.

Youtube can now be added to the list. The website announced that they would be live streaming the Royal Wedding on April 29 starting at 10 a.m. British Time. It should be an interesting experiment to see how many people tune into the wedding via internet.

Live streaming the Royal Wedding, through the Royal Family’s very own Youtube channel, is somewhat reminiscent of the live streaming of the Japanese earthquake as well as the protests in the Middle East. Note that not all of the footage from the two prior stated events were live streamed, but the theme of immediacy is what should be noticed.

This appears to be another example of how the internet is theoretically replacing television. The internet has an advantage over television in these circumstances, because content viewers can instantly interact with other viewers i.e. social media/communication.

It is my opinion, that viewing the Royal Wedding would be a lot more entertaining if I could instantly share my thoughts and hear the thoughts of others while watching. The social community really gives Youtube the one up in this scenario. This trend of live streaming is something to keep an eye. I’m not saying the internet will take over the television markets, but the instantaneous social contact puts the web at a blatant advantage.

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