Netflix: Potentially a New Network

Netflix announced that it will be releasing original content television shows with the series, “House of Cards” leading the line-up.

While Netflix is known for providing users with reruns on demand, they are now entering a new market, competing with networks like NBC, ABC and CBS.

Netflix is not the first “rerun” company to begin producing its own original content. Hulu has done the same, and rumors have been circulating about Youtube also jumping on the band wagon.

For networks, this could mean  the company that once served as a partner for them, will now be competing with them for ratings. It has yet to be confirmed as to whether networks will be collaborating with Netflix to produce original material.

“We’re always interested in adding more content,”a spokesperson for Netflix said.

One thing is for sure: Netflix membership has been on a steady incline the past few years. They are definitely an entertainment force to keep an eye on.

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